Symmetric Spi SYM3 - 58 m²

Surface : 58 m2


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- Tri-radiale cut
- High tenacity Nylon 0.75 oz
- Sewing triple point with anti UV thread
- Tear drop corner reinforcement system
- Port/starboard tapping
- Stainless eyelet
- Spi sail bag

- Luff : 10.50 m
- Foot : 5.90 m
- Leech : 10.50 m

- Sail's surface : 58 m²

- SMW : 6.05 m

Range of use for this spinnaker : :


Compared to the vertical axis, the spinnaker is, as its name suggests, symmetric. It is used with a pole to release the spinnaker from the tight coverage of the mainsail. This type of spinnaker is very beneficial to go downwind to angles that asymmetrical spinnaker could not reach. The spinnakers have a surface bigger than symmetrical spinnakers. The disadvantage of this type of spinnaker is that the use of a pole requires a larger crew and makes maneuvering a bit more complicated than for an asymmetrical spinnaker.

This inconvenience can however be eliminated by using a spinnaker sleeve (sold separately ) to facilitate the raising and the lowering of the spinnaker without risking a tear or involuntary maneuver. The spinnaker, very supported, will go downwind with a relative wind of 120 ° to 180 °. Its form, its share of directed cut " full radial "offers a remarkably stable profile and do not require constant adjustment . A great sail to go downwind safely.

How to prepare to launch an symetrical spinnaker :

Attach the spinnaker bag to the front balcony thanks of the karabiners. Set the spinnaker pull in place with tack sheet going through it. Attach three conrners (halyard, clew, Tack) very carefully, check the inscription on the spinnaker. Start with hoisting the sail with the halyard, make sure to sail the boat completely off wind so the main sail will cut the wind of the spinnaker. When the spi is totally hoisted, pull the tack sheet while sailing slightly upwind. Then pull on the clew sheet till the spi is totally flying. To collapse: the easiest way to collapse is to put back the bag in the cockpit, ideally at the entrance of the cabin, then sail completely off wind, relase the tack sheet and pull directly on the clew sheet when the spi is behind the main, then release the halyard while taking the spi back in the bag. TIP:make sure to have the 3 corners visible on top of the bag when you de-rig the sheets and halyard.


Data sheet

10.50 m
10.50 m
5.90 m
6.05 m
58 m²

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