Why do the S-one spinnakers have an unbeatable price ?

We know that many cruising sailors do not want to put a fortune for a new spinnaker. But this sail is essential for long downwind … The price of the sail depend on the price of the cloth and the manpower. 
This high technicality and its important surface involve that the price is too high compared to the actual value of the sailboat or compared with the number of outlets in the year. 

Our solution, cut all intermediaries and import large quantities of spinnakers for providing them directly on the Internet. You get factory prices with the same quality as many more expensive products.

Who make the Spinnaker One products ?

We work with renowned international factories, subcontractoring for many years for many known trademarks.

What about the Spinnaker One guarantee ?

We make a lot of quality controls in our sub- contractors to ensure a high quality product. We also check the working conditions and the workshops. Each product is guaranteed for 2 years against any manufacturing defect. The guarantee takes effect on delivery. 

The guarantee always means "parts and labor", excluding transport costs.

I cannot find my boat in Spinnaker One offer ?

You just need to enter the I and J (see the plan) so that we can find the best adapted spinnaker for your boat.

I do not find these dimension adapted to my boat, what can I do ?

If you do not find the right spinnaker in our offer, we can set up a specific spinnaker with a design in accordance with your dimension. In this case the leadtime is 45-50 days and you must add 15% at the price of the proposed spinnaker from our offer for your boat. The choice of different colours is included in the price of this offer.

Is it possible to have more color option in the spi ?

All the spinnakers are available under 10 days with colors red white blue as shown on photos but you have the possibility of personalizing the colors of spinnakers. It is nevertheless necessary to add 10% to the mentioned price and delivery will take 30 days.

I often sail alone or by two. What do you purpose to sail safely ?

We offer smart and innovative accessories to facilitate the use of the spinnaker. The sleeve combined with the tacker allowed you to sail pole-less and facilitates the lowering of the spinnaker. 
Our asymmetric spinnakers are also easier to use.

Why do Spinnaker One spinnakers are so strong ?

Our spinnakers are equipped with large radial reinforcements on the head and on the clews which divide the efforts optimally. The high tenacity Nylon also provides an excellent durability with a light weight. All of our spinnakers widths are sewn with a zig - zag 6 points.

Which sail cloth do you use, why?

We use UV resistant Nylon cloth with a weight depending on the size and weight of the boat. Indeed , the more the boat is heavy, and the more important will be the efforts in the spinnaker.

Which is the difference between a reacher, a code 0 and a gennaker ?

A Reacher is a front sail used at reaching. It can be considered as a sail for beating, the reacher has a leesh shorter than a genoa and a longer foot. The explanation is simple : when the wind come from behind the boat, and the genoa is untightened, we realise that it is very hard to manage the tension of the leesh. In this case it is better to use this sail , quite specific, which is more tolerant at the clew at reaching.

The gennaker is an intermediary sail between the genoa and the asymmetric spinnaker. Its name comes from the contradiction of name of these 2 sails. The gennaker is, such as an asymmetric spinnaker, un front sail with a free luff fixed only by its head and tack points. But contrary to the asymmetric spinnaker it is possible to put its luff under tension.
This characteristic combined with a more moderated trough enables to use this sail upper with a moderate wind. The caracteristics of the gennaker make it very efficient between beat and abreast. After that the asymmetric spinnaker is more suitable because more trough. Such as the asymmetric spinnaker, it cannot be used in run. Wind ahead, it must be replaced by a genoa or a jib. Generally these sails are bigger than the genoa : recovering more important, trough. The weight of the sail is intermediate between the one of the spinnaker and the genoa. The gennaker is often set up on a furler.